This Is Me!!!



I have determined in life that I am myself and noone else. This means that I can not do exactly as another does. Therefore, if a lady or man is eatting 1200 calories I am not going to do the same just because they are doing it. Food needs vary greatly from person to person, so why try to copy what your neighbor is doing? Instead chose to nourish your body and eat how makes you feel the best. Let’s not forget that this saying goes with exercise also. This means to go at your own level of fitness and not another individuals level. If you are not a runner do not start out running 5 miles a day. I personally use to feel that if I wasn’t exhausted from working out or starving to death from under eatting on calories that I wasn’t trying hard enough on my health journey. Now though, I have learned that what works for others will not work the same for me. I have to live my life my way and if it is not the same as the person next door who cares. It will be what makes me happy and makes my life more enjoyable to me. So, the next time you start judging yourself on what another person is doing, think to yourself “does that individuals way of acting seem like a way of doing that will make you happy?” You will find that more times than not the answer will be no…


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25 thoughts on “This Is Me!!!

  1. thank you so much for sharing your authentic self.
    sure, you don’t have to do what others are doing to fit into the society.
    some will like it, and some won’t.
    but what matters is that the fulfillment you get when you live your life on your terms isn’t equal to anything in this world.
    thank you!


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