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The passion once so strong in the moment begins to fade and another passion begins.
So I give in to the passion and begin to find joy in the moment all to have the passion change once again.
Then the frustration comes on with me questioning how I am to ever be good at anything if my passions can not stay still.
Am I not meant to be happy?
Can I ever be like all the others?
Then all at once excitement sets in and this time it is not followed by a passion but instead a question
Why am I so happy in this moment?
Was there a thought that set this feeling on?
Once again a new passion sets in but something I have never tried
How is this passion so deep if I have never once tried it?
All at once the passion stops and  my mind is finally blank
I sigh a relief thinking its all over
Just to have my brain tell me its time to start it all over..

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