Society Doesn’t Have The Power To Define What Being A Mother Means!!!

These days it seems like moms are getting judged on all sorts of scales. If your a stay at home mom your complete garbage for not working to earn for your family and if you work your total trash for not spending enough time with your kids. I don’t know about everyone else but all this judging is making me sick. Being a mom in general is hard no matter what and we don’t deserve to feel like trash for the decisions that we make regarding if we chose to stay home or not.

If you stay at home with your kids you miss out on having a social life and we all know how mentally challenging that can be. Don’t get me wrong we all as mothers love our babies but we also love our us time where we get a chance to breath. We all hear the talk about how stay at home moms sit around all day or how we don’t love our babies or else we would be out working hard to earn a living to support them. My favorite saying of all is that we as stay at home moms sit around and do nothing all day. This all in my opinion is plain out just garbage. I for one can’t remember the last time I have sat around and even watched a 30 minute tv show, much less got to sit around all day and eat bonbons or whatever else society thinks I’m doing. My daughter, who at this time is 8 months old, keeps me going all day; from diaper changes, to feedings, to wanting attention, to having to be put down for naps and bedtime. I honestly feel most days like I wish I could meet the stay at home moms that society describes because I know that I will never be able to reach society’s standards or whatever they call it.

On the other hand I have to say that things are not as magical for the working mom either. Yes you may be able to go out and earn money for your family but at the cost of being away from your kids all day. Then once you come home from work your so tired that you really don’t have the energy to spend quality time with your children like you wish you could. I have never been a working mom but I do have complete respect for all women that are one. Being away from your babies can’t be easy and I know it also can’t be easy being exhausted coming home to your kids at the end of a long work day.

The point of me rambling on is to say that society criticizes women way to much these days. A mom is a mom rather she decides to stay home or to work outside the home. As mothers we all have the same family goals and that is to do the very best for our children that we possibly can. So why is society stuck in this state of mind of what is expected of us as mothers? Is it women just being to hard on themselves or is it men trying to force women to belittle themselves so that men can have more power? Regardless of what the issue is we as women need to realize that we are hard workers and deserve to feel good about ourselves. After all would you rather your children grow up seeing you be fearless and take on the world or would you rather them see you constantly downing yourself and letting the world determine how you feel about yourself as a mother? I’m not sure which one all of you would chose but I know exactly the one that I would pick.


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7 thoughts on “Society Doesn’t Have The Power To Define What Being A Mother Means!!!

  1. This is so very true. There is always criticism for moms, working or staying at home, it is never right by society’s double standards. I am a working mom but some days I wish to be a stay at home mom. Both have perks and set backs but no matter what we’re always a mom and that is most important.


  2. My mother was such an amazing role model for me and has completely shaped who I am today as a woman and as a mother – no matter what kind of mom you are, as long as your kids know they’re always safe with you, you’re doing it right.


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