The Start of a New Journey

As the days go on and I strive to grow and learn more mentally, fitness wise, health wise and personally I begin to find this journey harder and harder. Maybe its just me or maybe it isn’t honestly, I will never know but I’m beginning to feel like I’m not putting my all into this transition in my life.

However, this is the moment that I am determined more then ever to be more. No I’m not talking about being more for others but being more for my daughter and myself. Though its this point in my life that I begin to feel like I have no one that understands or supports me, even when I know I do.

It’s this day that I’m determined to get my life back. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and just plain out self hate for to long. Being a mother is hard enough but I want to be more than just a mother. I want to find my own happiness. So this is the day that I begin finding myself and yes this journey is different for everyone. The journey I’m choosing to take is to be a better mother; trying to get frustrated less, spending more time with her and I also want to continue my own health journey. So far this journey hasn’t been the easiest but I’m determined to keep it going.


All donations go towards helping continue my blog grow and help reach/help as many individuals as it can, while on their mental health, fitness, self love or motherhood journey.

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