Finding yourself is worth the time it takes”


“There is nothing scarier than showing the world the real you”


This Is Me!!!

    I have determined in life that I am myself and noone else. This means that I can not do exactly as another does. Therefore, if a lady or man is eatting 1200 calories I am not going to do the same just because they are doing it. Food needs vary greatly from personContinue reading “This Is Me!!!”

A New Me!!!!

Why in life do we feel the need to fit in with the world? We feel the need to look a certain way, to weigh a certain weight or to even act a certain way. Truth be told though, is that perfect does not exist. Yes, you heard me right “perfect does not exist.” However,Continue reading “A New Me!!!!”

This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you click on the links; at no additional cost to you. PASSION The passion once so strong in the moment begins to fade and another passion begins.So I give in to the passion and begin to find joy in the moment all to haveContinue reading

Try Not to Blink

This poem is very close to my heart cause it explains the different moods and thoughts that those with bipolar disorder can suffer from on a daily basis. Sometimes a persons struggles is not visible on the surface. Also an individuals struggles does not define them as a person. Silence is all I can hearNothingContinue reading “Try Not to Blink”


Who ever knew life would take us this way One day we are up and the next day we are down Day after day we live in dismay Wondering what we did to cause the world to end in this way Many before us fought for the freedom we have Though there are many thatContinue reading “Life”

Society Doesn’t Have The Power To Define What Being A Mother Means!!!

These days it seems like moms are getting judged on all sorts of scales. If your a stay at home mom your complete garbage for not working to earn for your family and if you work your total trash for not spending enough time with your kids. I don’t know about everyone else but allContinue reading “Society Doesn’t Have The Power To Define What Being A Mother Means!!!”


My name is Jessica Cotton and I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl. While being a mother has brightened my heart I recently started feeling like some thing was missing in my life. With some time I began to to realize my true passion in life; health, self health and being a mommy.Continue reading “Introduction”




I started this blog with the intent to let other moms know that they are not alone in this journey. Its ok to be a mother and also want to better yourself physically and mentally.



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